Queen of hearts loves Holy Napoli pizza

This is the way, the truth, and the delight

All natural ingredients create our authentic dough. Good things take time and that’s why we rest ours to make it taste like nothing short of a miracle.


Do pizza right. Do pizza right.
Holy Napoli uses the highest quality ingredients for authentic pizza dough


No two pizzas are the same. We hand-stretch our dough to make the cornicione, that raised outer edge of the crust. It’s baked in a stone oven so it’s light, chewy, and charred just right for the perfect crunch.

Holy Napoli frozen pizza leopard illustration
Holy Napoli pizza uses the highest quality mushrooms.

A Pizza
for Purists

Our pizzas are carefully topped with our own vine ripened tomato sauce, hand picked basil and bocconcini pearls. Our vegetables are so fresh they’ll turn even the most devout Neapolitan pizza purists into frozen pizza believers.

Holy Napoli pizza uses the highest quality tomatoes. Holy Napoli hand-picked ingedients Holy Napoli uses the freshest basil in their frozen pizzas.
Holy Napoli Funghi frozen pizza